Natural aesthetics for health and happiness in brands and digital design

Note: The article is updated with new content. Scroll down to section II.

1. Using principles of natural light to strengthen the connection with our surrounding nature

Reflecting color changes throughout the day can aid people’s circadian rhythm and sense of physical presence.
Reflecting changes throughout the season could strengthen people’s sense of season and connection to nature.
Dynamic use of light and shadow can emphasize time and physical position.
The appearance of digital materials can change based on the change of light source.
Detecting basic ambient light to make screen brightness and color temperature fit its surroundings.
Detecting complex ambient light to render digital materials as if they were part of the physical environment.
Employing non-uniform light conditions in a digital space.
Using overall darker designs could reduce screen-caused headaches and other screen-related health concerns.

2. Employing images of nature to mirror the calming qualities of the grown environment

Even just a few elements of nature in a photo or illustration can feel calming.
Moving image with natural non-rhythmic stimuli. (Disclaimer: large file size, heavy compression)
Photo changing according to time (Photo by Taylor Gray • Disclaimer: large file size, heavy compression)
Through scroll behavior, head movement, or device tilting, we can enable a person to somewhat move within a photograph. (Disclaimer: large file size, heavy compression)
Six minutes of nature exposure spent using a VR headset has been found to create similar effects as the same amount of time spent in the actual outdoors.



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